B7801 Armarkat 78 Inch Ivory Cat Tree

78 inch, Two Perches, One Condo, Eleven Posts, Eight Levels, Combo Ivory Cat Tree.

The B7801 Armarkat 78 Inch Ivory Cat Tree caters to the most of the outdoor needs of a domesticated indoors feline pet. It is large enough and high enough with perches and platforms at different levels to promote the climbing activities of an outdoor cat. The top perches allow cats to pretend they are stalking prey and act as the high branches of a real tree in the wild. The many posts offer ample and cat acceptable scratching surfaces so that your cats and stretch, scratch and sharpen their claws. Customer Review.

kittens love it, October 20, 2009 By Mom2four “canine rescuer” (Oconomowoc, WI).

This product was bought for two new kittens who were climbing everything. I had a chance to look at the other Armarkat trees and decided on this one, because the kittens will “grow into it”. If you look at the sizes of the house and the perch ledges, they differ for different models. Be sure the ledge size will fit your adult cat.

I also wanted a cat tree which would entail all the years of a cat’s life. Although I don’t have a senior cat right now, this cat tree offers plenty of ledges for an older cat to climb up. I was also looking for a product where the majority of the cat tree activities were above three feet high, since cats like to head upward. As I figured, the cat rope is neat, but i dont see them playing with it much. The kittens love to race up and down the sisal posts.

I have never been concerned with the sturdiness of this product. It was easy to assemble, and I keep the assembly tool inside the cat house so I dont loose it. I tighten the screws from time to time. One reviewer mentioned the thin fake sheep covering, which it is, and over time I expect it to become dirty, as it is light in color. Other than that, the cats dont really care if it is thin and light. I may add an extra blanket inside the house to make it cozier. The inner walls of the house do not have the fake sheep covering. The inner walls are bare wood. The flooring of the house is covered with the fake sheep covering.

Another thing to consider for those buying a cat tree, for a cat you have had for awhile. My oldest cat is 1 1/2 and she did not take to the cat tree right away. She has her established sitting areas around the house, but she is slowly warming up to the tree. She does use it now, as you can see in the customer pictures-Autumn.

All in all, I am happy with the purchase, as it is meeting the needs of the cats I have. They are playing on it, sharpening their claws, and sleeping on it.

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B7801 Armarkat 78 Inch Ivory Cat Tree

Product Specification and Features
Model Number:   B7801
Color:   Ivory
Covering Material:   Faux Fleece
Board Material:   Plywood
Base Board Size:   24" x 20"
Overall Size:  
  • Length: 32"
  • Width: 27"
  • Height: 78"
Number of Perches:   Two (15" x 15")
Number of Condos:   One (17" x 14" x 12")
Number of Posts:   Eleven
Sisal Wrapped Posts:  
  • All Eleven
Number of Levels:   Eight
Maximum Holding Weight:   70 lbs
Shipping Weight:   60 lbs
Average Online Price:   $289.00
Our Price (without shipping):   $104.58
Assembly:   Step by step instructions and tools

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