X6001 Armarkat 60 Inch Dark Sea Green Cat Tree Condo

60 inch, Two Perches, One Condo, Five Posts, Dark Sea Green Cat Tree Condo.


The X6001 Armarkat 60 Inch Dark Sea Green Cat Tree Condo is definitely a premium cat tree as its title suggests. The dark sea green color is quite rare, but would blend into most living room color schemes. The X6001 is quite inexpensive when compared to other cat tree condos in the same class and price range. Easy to assemble, can be placed against any apartment window to make a wonderful cat window perch that your kitty will love. Customer Review.

2 cats love it!, February 20, 2010 By Diane-too .

This review is for the Armarkat Premium Cat Tree X6001:

We ordered this cat tree from All Pet Furniture and it arrived via UPS within a few days. Hubby assembled it all in under 20 minutes, It’s quite solidly built and was priced much lower than any comparable cat tree available in the local pet stores.

We have two cats, one 3 years old and one 8 months old. They both immediately scoped it out and have adopted it. The height is just right to fit in front of our patio doors – at 60″, the top perch is just high enough for the top cat to have a clear view outside. Between the two perches, the top of the house, and the house shelf, the two cats have the choice of 4 places to sit and lounge to watch outside. By angling the cat tree just so, the cat lounging in the cat house can keep an eye on its people in the kitchen and
living room. The only caveat is that the round perches are only 12″ in diameter. Pumkin and Mouse aren’t fat (yet), but already fill out each perch. Since these perches are on an “R” post, bigger perches can be individually bought from Armarkat to replace one or both perches, should one of them become a lardo. So, if you really like this model, but the perches are too small for your cats, consider the replacement perches for models B8201, X7805, A6501 or A8001.

The models with larger perches are just too high for a normal height window or patio door. The cats have been playing like crazy on this cat tree! They have a lot of fun batting at each other from various angles and heights, as well as from the hole in the top of the house. Mouse brings toys up, just to drop them from the hole in the shelf. The little toys that come with it didn’t even last a few minutes, before Pumkin chewed right through the elastic. No problem – I bought parrot toys with hanging clips (sisal, leather and wood) to hang instead. Just don’t tell them that the dangly toys they like to bat around are for bird-brains…

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X6001 Armarkat 60 Inch Dark Sea Green Cat Tree Condo

Product Specification and Features
Model Number:   X6001
Color:   Dark Sea Green
Covering Material:   Ultra Thick Faux Fur
and Sisal Rope
Board Material:   Pressed Wood
Base Board Size:   25" x 25"
Overall Size:  
  • Length: 33"
  • Width: 25"
  • Height: 60"
Number of Perches:
  • Two
    (12" x 12")
Number of Condos:  
  • One
    (24′ x 13" x 13")
Number of Posts:   Five
Sisal Wrapped Posts:  
  • All Five
Number of Levels:   Five
Maximum Holding Weight:   50 lbs
Shipping Weight:   57 lbs – (Dimensional Weight)
Average Online Price:   $269.00
Our Price (without shipping):   $75.60
Assembly:   Easy Assembly with step by step instructions and tools

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