Pamper Your Kitty With A Cat Scratching Post

Cats are just like human beings, they love being pampered. They love it when they are being well taken care of. A good way to pamper your cats is to give them toys and accessories especially a Cat Scratching Post.

Cat Scratching Post

A cat scratching post is so important to the happiness and well being of a domesticated feline that, the founders of a cat rescue charity, based in Waltham Abbey & Cheshunt (Herts), United Kingdom thought it fit to call it Scratching Post. Founded in April 2011, they have featured regularly in the news, and produced below in an excerpt from the latest in ‘The Mercury‘.

New year, new home for Scratching Post’s homeless cats

SOME of the homeless cats at the Scratching Post in Waltham Abbey will start 2014 with a new home and new owners.

In the run-up to Christmas, the Mercury featured one or more cats looking for a new home each day as part of an online Catvent calendar and six of them have since found new homes.

Among the lucky felines are Porsche, a playful youngster who loves to play and Wade, a kitten who was found in the street looking lost.

Coral, who spent time as a stray surviving on food from a ‘guardian angel’ has a new home and Hope, whose owner moved into a care home has found a new owner.

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A Video About How to Make a Scratching Post for Cats

There are many who are clever with their hands and would prfer to make a Cat Scratching Post, rather than buy one, and to help them is the video below on how to make a good Cat Scratching Post.

Here are some things that you need to know before buying this for your cat.

It is advised to get the type of cat scratching post that your cats can use until they mature. A tall post works best even for kittens. Taller posts are recommended because these allow your cats to stretch their muscles. To make your cats enjoy climbing posts, attach some toys to make the posts look more interesting to them.

Since cats scratch and climb by instinct. Expect that they will be scratching and climbing on these posts all the time. This is why it is important to choose the cat scratching post that is strong enough to carry the weight of your cat. Take note of the durability of these posts. To get the best deals, you can search for these on the net. Buying pet supplies online is easier than visiting one store to another just to look for the best post for your pet.

Since you know your cat better than anyone else, choose the posts that you know will interest them. There are different posts that vary in texture and design. If your cat loves scratching on wood, then get the one that is made from wooden material. If your cat prefers softer materials, then you can get your pet a post that is covered with carpet.

In conclusion, purchasing a scratching post or any other accessories like, ribbons or reflective cat collars, make sure that you have spent some time in checking if these would be appropriate for your cats. You may wish to purchase your a cat scratching post online. Your cats will love you for putting an effort to get the things that are best for them.

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