Kid's Puppy Book! A Fun Way to Learn How To Love & Care For Your Puppy

Charming, playful, cuddly, fluffy, loveable, excited, energetic … that's how I 'd describe puppies and if you're anything like me, then it would not take a whole lot of convincing why you had to have one. Naturally, now that you've gone ahead and acquired that adorable little bundle of energy, who gets to look after it? How do the children, who were doing the "convincing" to begin with, learn ways to love and take care of their new puppy?

Considering that I am a huge fan of Amazon (I enjoy the quick shipping plus they have a really reassuring money-back guarantee – even on books – that guarantees you are always happy with your purchase), I thought I would give them a try with searching for a book that would be lovable yet beneficial, teaching children "the abc" of loving (simple) and caring (not so simple) for a young puppy and wow did it wind up being an outstanding choice. Not only was I able to obtain a book that ticks all the boxes at a ridiculously inexpensive cost, but what really impressed me was how instant it was. I was able to download and begin reading my book practically right away after purchase!

To top that off, the entire book is based upon the author's individual experience using his own toy poodle as the primary character in the book (there are a few other pet dogs made use of as examples).

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Puppies: Puppy Book For Kids is a book about learning the fun way to love & take care of your very first dog.

Young puppies are so cute, cuddly and down right irresistible and Coco was no exception! From the moment we laid eyes on her, there was just that something about Coco that screamed out "TAKE ME HOME; TAKE ME HOME!!"

In his book, the author shares the delight of owning and caring for Coco his Toy Poodle. The pictures in this book have been "selected by Coco" and taken out of Coco's personal portfolio just as they are. No photoshopping, enhancing or manipulating in any shape or form. They will bring Coco alive and show her as genuine, cute and down right lovable!

Young puppies, no matter what type of dog it is, always look cute and cuddly. They excite children … heck, they excite and melt all our hearts when we see them. It's like they are born to love us right from day one. Their delight and joy are evident from the minute they "show up" in the world.

But, as the author also found out, having a young puppy is exhausting work. Even for a small little Toy Poodle !! Although fun, this book is intended to highlight some of the obligations of having a young puppy together with the pleasures and rewards.

Youngster's are constantly attracted to dogs, and more specifically, to puppies. What's not to love and draw you to that adorable little bundle of fur? It's like children can see that these animals are their best friend. The images in this book will show the playfulness and cuteness of a young puppy while the text brings a certain amount of education about keeping and looking after a pet. Added to that, the author has actually also included some fun learning experiences for the children checking out the book e.g. counting balls; recognizing objects in pictures; taking part in exactly what they see.

Much like children, dogs discover exceptionally swiftly that their habits have repercussions. Dogs are specifically responsive to praise so it is essential to continuously commend your pet dog when it does something well (or exactly what you desire). This will go a long way to teaching your pet dog obedience and control.

Some of the obligations shared in the book are things like walking or exercising the pet dog including the duty of tidying up after it, washing, brushing, grooming, health care e.g. vaccinations, feeding, keeping the water bowl full, training and the need for obedience. Children are assisted to comprehend these concepts with the illustrations and related text.

For parents of children "begging" to have a young puppy, this book will serve to help prepare them for dog ownership. The book should encourage meaningful discussion about the benefits of having a pet in addition to the responsibilities that need to be considered with that ownership. It will likewise help examine the preparedness for that big step of having your first dog.

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