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I reside in the rural foothills of Idaho and every year during the hunting season I get a little worried. All the hunters in my life have always been really safe but you always become aware of that one incident when something has gone wrong. Last year a buddy of mine regrettably was the main character in a hunting story gone bad.

Her catahoula hound likes to run around in the woods. They have acres that border up to some hunting property and the brush is thick and perfect for deer to feed and take cover. One day during the fall, my buddy heard a rifle shot a little too near to the house. She called for her dog but she never returned. It was the hunters that came to her, distraught, to tell her that they had actually mistaken her pet for game.

It was after that event that I realized just how easy it may be to mistake a medium to large dog as game in thick woods. It was after that dreadful incident that I understood I had to make my dog more noticeable day or night. That's when I came across the Safety Pup vest. I came across this vest on Amazon and after examining the pictures I was convinced this was the ticket. I got the dog vest off of Amazon, which I like, because it's quick shipping and great customer service. My "Jack" now uses his vest everyday during the hunting season. I can see him from country miles away and I am assured that he shows up to any hunters in the area. This is must have if you reside in wooded locations. Look into the vest on Amazon. You will be happy you did.

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The SafetyPUP XD for Medium-Sized Dogs

Constructed to withstand any environment, the SafetyPUP XD reflective pet vest offers optimal visibility and remarkable sturdiness in a large range of settings. Our special dual-layer design incorporates a durable exterior with a comfortable interior, and is crafted specifically for medium-sized dogs. Don't compromise quality for expense– enjoy premium features at an economical price with the SafetyPUP XD!

The SafetyPUP XD pet vest is crafted from high performance 300D Oxford Weave textile that utilizes a dual-surface design to keep your animal secure and comfortable. The strong waterproof exterior repels wetness, discolorations, and minor abrasions, while the interior is smooth and flexible, making sure an ergonomic fit. And the SafetyPUP XD medium pet vest is machine washable, making clean-up a snap.

To keep your friend safe and noticeable in any setting, we have incorporated a bright blaze orange color design with high-shine reflective trim, offering substantially enhanced exposure day and night. From camping weekends to hunting trips, and from sidewalk walks to afternoons in the park, the SafetyPUP XD reflective pet dog vest ensures your animal will be clearly noticeable in any lighting.

As animal owners, we know exactly how crucial quality is when it concerns dependable animal clothing. To show that the SafetyPUP XD is everything we state it is, we stand behind our product with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like it as much as we do, send it back for a full refund. There's no risk, so get your brand-new SafetyPUP XD today!

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