Give Your Pets The Freedom Of Mobility With Pet Steps

Pet supplies are not only limited to food/water bowls, cages, and a fluffy bed. Many pet owners realize that pets have certain mobility requirements, and it’s our job to provide that for them. That’s where items like dog stairs and cat furniture come in.

While it might not be something you’d consider a necessity, dog stairs really are an invaluable item to have around the house. Toy-sized dogs and other smaller-breeds are all the rage at the moment, but how many of us are tired of having to bend over and pick up our furry friend so that he can sit with us? What about larger or older dogs who sustain severe impact onto the joints by jumping up and down from places such as beds, sofas, chairs, and vehicles? A set of pet steps can greatly reduce the amount of stress your dog’s bones put up with, and they can also be used for cats as well! Don’t overlook the element of convenience that will be added to your everyday life.

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In choosing dog stairs, it’s important to look for a design that’s appropriate for your pet. In general, stairs should be around 12 inches wide for breeds weighing less than 20 pounds; 14 inches wide for medium breeds less than 35 pounds; and 16 inches wide for larger breeds that weigh over 35 pounds. Stairs should be between 10 and 14 inches in height to reach most furniture and vehicles, but should be 17 to 29 inches in height to get your dog up to bed level.

Cats have a totally different mobility need: They love to climb. Because of their nature as predators, cats feel happier and safer in high places where they have more control over their surroundings.

The perfect choice to get your cat off the kitchen counter is a climbing tree or tower. As with dog stairs, it’s important to get the right design for your cat or cats, and to get something of good quality that will last for many years. If possible, get a cat tree that extends from floor to ceiling with several shelves for perching and sleeping. The cat tree or tower should be completely covered in carpet, rope or other textured material to give your cat plenty of climbing traction.

Fortunately, the market for dog stairs and cat furniture has exploded with dogs and cats in six out of every 10 American households, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. That means there are plenty of well-made affordable options in dog stairs and cat furniture to make you and your pets happy.

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