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When our big dog Molly began getting up there in age she really began to have problems with her joints. The veterinarian diagnosed her with Arthritis and recommended we find her a supportive dog bed that would help cushion her joints while she laid down to reduce the pain. Because our dog is an important part of the family I had real concerns about finding the best dog bed for her that was going to provide her the most relief. So I began to do a lot of research on dog arthritis conditions and exactly what many people recommended was finding a high quality orthopedic memory foam dog bed.

When I did my research I set out to find the best quality memory foam dog bed I could find at an affordable cost. There are a lot of choices online however the best quality for the cost that I found was on They had a lot of choices in regards to sizes and colors as well as a lot of high quality companies to pick from. I also loved the Free shipping and money back guarantees that a lot of the companies provided.

Orthopedic dog beds can occasionally be very pricey since the high quality memory foam used in them is the same type of foam that is used in regular adult size memory foam beds, the dog beds are just smaller sized versions but with the same therapeutic advantages. The older my dog gets the more issues she is having so finding a bed that I knew was going to last and keep its shape and firmness was very important to me.

Molly has been a part of our household for a very long time and we want to make sure she is happy and comfortable so we were really delighted with the dog bed that we purchased. If you are looking for a high quality therapeutic dog bed I encourage you to have a look at the link below to order yours now. I assure you will not be disappointed!

A Stylish Dog Bed With Firm Support that Looks Great in your House!
The Smokey Dog Co. Extra Large Tan Memory Foam Dog Bed is Luxury for Dogs!
– Large Dog Bed size 40" length x 35" wide x 4" thick
– Memory Foam is made up of 2" therapeutic memory foam and 2" support foam for fantastic support for bigger and older dogs
– Our long-term memory foam keeps it shape and will not flatten in time
– Tan Zippered Micro-suede Fabric Cover is removable and washable for practical cleaning
– Skid proof bottom helps the bed remain in place on smooth surfaces
– Inner waterproof zippered lining helps protect against mishaps and is easily wiped off.
The Smokey Dog Co. is a family owned business who stands behind their products 100 %. We Love our customers and their Dogs!

Get yours now at foam dog bed/

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