Ell's Fantastic Cat Toy, Is an Entertaining Toy on a Strong Rod Extending 37.5 inches.

When we first adopted two kittens from the animal shelter twenty years ago, we had no thought how crucial play was to improving cat behavior. We played a bit with them as kittens but not as much later on. We sure paid for it. They were racing about all night, fighting, scratching furniture, and biting us. You name it. They had toys but practically nothing ever held their focus for long. We had no thought how bored and frustrated they were and how much they required an outlet for all of their energy and that they had a natural instinct to stalk and hunt. We assumed we just had a couple of difficult cats and that was the luck of the draw.

Then we tied a toy bird to the end of a small fishing pole and they went crazy for it. They jumped for it, raced about the room after it. They even politely took turns playing. They would usually play till they were panting and exhausted. We noticed their behavior changed quite swiftly. They would sleep much more through the night (and so would we), they were calmer and friendlier, they didn't bite us as much and they became trim and lean. They were happier and rarely fought. They played with other toys but loved the fishing rod, and whatever toy we tied to it, for a lot of years. As they got older, they did slow down but they nevertheless loved to chase the toy bird.

I was not surprised when I watched Jackson Galaxy's Television show, "My Cat from Hell" that he use a cat teaser wand to play with the cats to assist expel some of the cat's pent-up energy. I like the thought of feathers as it is tougher for the cat the catch and hold the feathers unlike the toy bird we used. We frequently had to wait till it was released from their claws before play could continue. I noticed on Amazon that there are a number of cat teaser wands and I am positive that I would have tried them out to discover the best flyer.

Cats require to play and it is so crucial for your cat's wellness by fulfilling it really is require to hunt and catch. It is crucial to discover the appropriate toys to give your cat what it needs. Just beginning with 10 to 20 minutes of fascinating play a day can drastically increase your cat's mental and physical wellness.

Introducing Ell's interactive powerful, flexible, telescoping feather cat wand.

It is irresistible by simulating the sight and sound of a bird in flight, and comparable to the model Jackson Galaxy makes use of when he is working with out of control cats to remove inappropriate or destructive behaviors.

– Have you bought cat teaser wands that have very easily broken, making them unsafe for you or your cat?
– Do you have a defiant cat that is unsociable or destructive?
– Does your cat scratch or bite, destroy your furniture, do annoying attention demanding actions like persistent meowing or getting into problems?
– Is your cat lazy, over weight, unhealthy?

Ell's Telescoping Feather Cat Teaser Toy is a fun interactive toy on a Strong Extendable Rod.
Exercise is quite crucial to your cats mental, emotional and physical wellness, just 10 minutes of play a day can expend a lot of energy so your cat should be calmer, much more sociable and much healthier.

– No assembly essential just extend rod, play, and close rod for storage.
– The rod extends from 13.5"(35 cm) to 37.5" (95 cm).
– The primary feathers are positioned enabling the head to spin as it flies{through the air creating an irresistible sound of wings.
– Safely fulfills your cats stalking and hunting instinct.
– The wand comes in a handy storage box to safeguard the wand and feathers as it is crucial to hide the wand from your cat when not in use.

Amazon buyers trust our Ell's Cat Teaser Brand to be Good quality Premium items.

The price tag will be going up as our manufacturer's cost have elevated so be sure to click the hyperlink below now to get this low introductory price tag.

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