DURMAX- Exellent for Dermatitis Treatment in Cats and Dogs

Thanks for bringing this item to the Amazon marketplace. As the owner of a canine with severe summer-time skin allergies, I am constantly searching for something to make life better for my pet dog and myself. The DURMAX chewable supplements I bought from your company has actually been a godsend.

To be able to live with my pet dog (a big German Shepherd called Casper), I need to keep her bathed and groomed routinely. Integrated with the Double Back Deshedder tool that I likewise bought from your company, and now she is actully getting some relief from her skin allergies and her extreme shedding issues. If Casper was able to chat, I am certain she would be thanking me for these investments. I hope your company continue to bring excellent cutting-edge products like this onto the market. I thank you and Casper thanks you too.

If you are reading this and you are a fellow pet owner of a canine with skin allergies, I urge you to buy DURMAX today. It has actually made my life so much simpler and my only remorse is squandering money on various other less efficient products prior to finding Durmax.

DURMAX chewable supplements by SBD PRODUCTS is a nutritionally superior supplement, the tablets including Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Each tablet is an extremely concentrated source of necessary fatty acids of superior quality, making a bottle last longer. DURMAX also contains less calories per daily serving and no vegetable fillers, so they have better nutritious value. The dry-oil formula makes them quickly digestible and the chewable tablets are a treat to your pet. They are likewise scored so it is simple to break them in half for smaller sized animals when required.
DURMAX consists of omega 3 fatty acid supplement for a healthy coat
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane): 99.9 % pure OptiMSM: 200 mg/tablet. MSM (natural sulfur) helps keep overall dietary body balance and is required for the production of collagen and keratin, both important proteins for the maintenance of healthy skin/coat. WILL CATS CONSUME IT? For finicky cats merely crush one half or an entire tablet and combined with a small amount of tuna or damp food. We have actually found that this works with nearly all cats.
Durmax is a product produced in the U.S.
ASSURANCE: If you do not experience obvious improvements in your pet dog or cat’s vigor within 30 days of making use of any of our pet products SBD PRODUCTS, will gladly give you a total and timely refund of your full investment cost, no concerns asked. Just return the unused section to us within 30 days of the investment date for a complete refund, shipping and managing omitted. Information are included with each shipment. Refund will be made to your credit card upon receipt of the return item.

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