A7202 Armarkat 72 inch Beige Classic Cat Tree

72 inch, Two Perches, One Condos, Eleven Posts, Eight Levels, Combo Hammock, Beige Cat Tree.

Compare the A7202 Armarkat 72 Inch Beige Cat Tree with all the other of cat towers in its class, currently available in stores, in pet shops and online, and you will find that the Armarkat A7202 to be the best brand in regard to bang for your buck. The platforms and condo are covered, not in carpet, but in a soft short faux fur. Each post is entirely wrapped in cat preferred scratching material, rough sisal rope. The unit is very easy to assemble with the simple step by step instructions provided. Customer Review.

Best Cat Toy Ever, December 24, 2006 By Cypher Lx.

First off, I have been shopping for one of these things for about 4 years, but I either didn’t like what I saw or the price was too steep. Sometimes both. This year I decided that I was absolutely going to buy a kitty condo for my three cats no matter what. I found this one and it had all the features that I was looking for. I still hesitated and shopped around at the local petstore. None of the trees were as big as this one and they didn’t have the features I wanted. Plus they were almost twice the price. That settled it. I ordered this kitty condo with the hopes that my cats would think it was just as cool as I did. It was supposed to be their Christmas present after all. I put it together as soon as it showed up (assembly was quite easy I might add) and it was an immediate hit. The male cats love the top perches and the female likes the box to hide in. They also like the dangling yarn balls. The one goes so crazy over them that I’m afraid he might fall off because he forgets where he is. They also use the sisal rope pillars instead of my furniture to sharpen their claws. They haven’t grasped the concept of the hammock, but I think it may just be a matter of time. This is probably the best cat toy I ever got them and they can look out the entire height of the large front window. My cats really love this thing.

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A7202 Armarkat 72 Inch Beige Cat Tree

Product Specification and Features.

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Model Number:   A7202.
Color:   Beige.
Covering Material:   Faux Fur.
Board Material:   Pressed Wood.
Base Board Size:   24″ x 22″.
Overall Size:  
  • Length: 53″.
  • Width: 22″.
  • Height:
Number of Perches:   Two (14″ x 14″).
Number of Condos:   One (19″ x 14″ x 12″).
Number of Posts:   Eleven.
Sisal Wrapped Posts:  
  • All Eleven.
Number of Levels:   Eight.
Maximum Holding Weight:   60 lbs.
Shipping Weight:   60 lbs.
Average Online Price:   $269.00.
Our Price (without shipping):   $109.28
Assembly:   Step by step instructions and tools.

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