A7101 Armarkat 71 inch Navy Blue Classic Cat Tree

71 inch, One Perch, One Condo, Seven Posts, Ten Levels, Combo Navy Blue Condo and Tunnel Cat Tree.

Cat trees like the A7101 Armarkat 71 Inch Navy Blue Cat Tree, same quality, same workmanship, same materials, sell for double this price. The design of the A7101 is quite superior because it uses sisal rope generously on all the posts. Sisal rope really does a much better job at imitating tree bark and allows the cat to dig his claws into it and climb it like a real tree. And of course, it is the best scratching post material out there. Customer Review.

More than the picture demonstrates!, December 30, 2009 By Christopher Mullendore (San Francisco, CA United States).

This arrived yesterday (1 day earlier than estimated) and so far, the cat is LOVING it!

It comes disassembled, boxed. Assembly instructions are right on top, easy to read, and the parts are relatively well labeled, though one of the screws is an odd size and can be easy to confuse if you’re not careful.

Build quality is exceptionally high… and with the brand label right on top of the little “house”, it’s clear that this company is proud of the products it makes.

FAVORITE PART: The blue parts are NOT your typical carpet! They’re an extremely soft plush fabric that appears to be well glued on! You actually WANT to rub your hand on it… and if you do, kittie will too! Plus, it comes with 2 of the “toy” that hangs from the top. I wish they made just a little bit of noise (crinkly or rattle), but I’m just happy that the company was smart enough to know that the one it comes with will break, giving you a backup toy. I’ll probably replace it with my own though.

Within about 10 minutes, the cat as climbing all over this thing. So far her favorite spots are on the next-to-top tier playing with the toy, in the circle perch, and in the clubhouse. It’s sooooo cute to see her in the circle with her head poking out one end and her tail dangling back and forth out the back. She’s very, very happy with this new, big toy.

When this needs replaced, I’m sure I’ll look specifically for the Armarkat brand again… it’s the mercedes of cat trees!

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A7101 Armarkat 71 Inch Navy Blue Cat Tree

Product Specification and Features.

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Model Number:   A7101.
Color:   Navy Blue.
Covering Material:   Faux Fur.
Board Material:   Pressed Wood.
Base Board Size:   24″ x 18″.
Overall Size:  
  • Length: 32″.
  • Width: 30″.
  • Height: 71″.
Number of Perches:   One (14″ x 12″).
Number of Condos:   One (14″ x 12″ x 12″).
Number of Posts:   Seven.
Sisal Wrapped Posts:  
  • All Seven.
Number of Levels:   Ten.
Maximum Holding Weight:   50 lbs.
Shipping Weight:   52 lbs.
Average Online Price:   $239.00.
Our Price (without shipping):   $83.83
Assembly:   Step by step instructions and tools.

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