A6501 Armarkat 65 inch Beige Classic Cat Tree

65 inch, One Perch, One Condo, Nine Posts, Eight Levels, Combo Beige with Silver Gray Condo and Hammock Cat Tree.

Every cat owner will love the A6501 Armarkat 65 Inch Beige and Silver Grey Cat Tree. Their cats would love it too. Install one at your home ans see how your cats spend almost all day on it. It is great, well made and strong. Everyone who buys it will be very happy with it. The Armarkat Classic Cat Tree Model A6501 is very easy to put together, the directions are very clear. You will love the faux fur because it is very easy to vacuum and get hair off. Customer Review.

Best Christmas present they ever had, December 8, 2009 By H. Carter.

At the time of purchase, we had 3 large adult cats and wanted a good, solid cat tree for them. This being somewhat more expensive than other scratching posts, we did some research and found excellent reviews of the Armarkat trees, which influenced my decision to buy one.

This is the model we settled upon, and the cats loved it from the moment we started assembly. We have pictures documenting “testing” at every stage of assembly. They use it constantly. We now have 1 adult cat, 1 catling and 1 kitten, and they all use it to scratch, sit, perch, play and run. (The kitten climbs up to the top using the posts, unlike the bigger cats who just jump up from level to level!)

It is now 3 years later and it is still going strong. Even with the enthusiastic up-and-down chasing play of the kitten and catling, the cat tree remains sturdy and has never even come close to toppling (to answer another reviewer, who felt it needed to be attached to the wall). One of the lower posts is beginning to show some wear, but I know the company sell replacements. What we’ll probably just do is rotate some of them around first.

In short, we are all (humans and felines) extremely happy with this product. When it eventually becomes too worn, we’ll happily replace it with another Armarkat cat tree.

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A6501 Armarkat 65 Inch Beige and Silver Grey Cat Tree

Product Specification and Features
Model Number   A6501
Color:   Beige with Silver Gray Condo
Covering Material:   Faux Fur
Board Material:   Pressed Wood
Base Board Size:   24" x 24"
Overall Size:  
  • Length: 30"
  • Width: 28
  • Height: 65"
Number of Perches:
  One (14" x 12")
Number of Condos:   One (14" x 14" x 12")
Number of Posts:   Nine
Sisal Wrapped Posts:  
  • All Nine
Number of Levels:   Eight
Maximum Holding Weight:   50 lbs
Shipping Weight:   52 lbs
Average Online Price:   $249.00
Our Price (without shipping):   $81.24
Assembly:   Step by step instructions and tools

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