A6202 Armarkat 62 inch Beige Classic Cat Tree

62 inch, One Perch, One Condo, Six Posts, Eight Levels, Cradle and Tunnel Combo Beige Cat Tree.

The A6202 Armarkat 62 Inch Beige Cat Tree would be A HUGE Hit With the Feline Family Members!. The cats would love to climb up and down the condo, they can chew on the ropes, there are dangly toys for them to bat at, poles for them to scratch, and there are even places they can sleep in and just hang out. This armarkat classic cat tree was very easy to put together and will bring any kitty lots of joy! . Customer Review.

Great value, Great Price, July 21, 2009 By Holly Fagan “Holly” .

I ordered this after I read the other reviews. Following the advice of previous reviews, I checked this item directly with Armacat – they now wanted over $230 for this item, and with ebay – the lowest price was $130, so Amazon still had the best deal. I was a little apprehensive about putting it together, but when I considered the savings over buying one already assembled from my local pet store, I decided to try it. I figured if I can put together Ikea furniture, I can do this:)

It arrived quickly, and was simple to put together – I completed it in less than 20 minutes. One tip: when using the double sided screws, don’t screw one end in completely and then attempt to screw in the other side. The screw is too short for this to work. Instead, scew one side in part way, then the other, and twist the leg to make sure they are tightly secured in place.

My 3 cats LOVE it – there is something that suits each of their personalities on there. My 11 month old was climbing it as I was trying to put it together – he just couldn’t wait to try it! Of course, he liked the box it came in too.

The only thing I found surprising was that the “tunnel” on top is pretty small – only a kitten could really fit inside of it. Overall, I’m very happy with it and would not hesitate to order from them again.

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A6202 Armarkat 62 Inch Beige Cat Tree

Product Specification and Features.

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Model Number:   A6202.
Color:   Beige.
Covering Material:   Faux Fur.
Board Material:   Pressed Wood.
Base Board Size:   26″ x 20″.
Overall Size:  
  • Length: 36″.
  • Width: 20.
  • Height: 62″.
Number of Perches:   One (14″ x 14″).
Number of Condos:   One (12″ x 12″ x 12″).
Number of Posts:   Six.
Sisal Wrapped Posts:  
  • All Six.
Number of Levels:   Eight.
Maximum Holding Weight:   40 lbs.
Shipping Weight:   52 lbs.
Average Online Price:   $219.00.
Our Price (without shipping):   $80.69
Assembly:   Step by step instructions and tools.

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